Slow Times - 7/29/05 by Biz
As we await the release of the next Tony Hawk title, THAW, don't expect to much to happen here at GlitchVault. Seeing as how THUG2 has been out for about 10 months now, there hasn't been any real good glitches to add lately that we don't already have. Right now we have almost 450 THUG2 glitches alone.

If you do have something for THUG2 that isn't already here and you think it definitely should be, reply to this thread If it is a glitch that seems to be worth it, one of us will check it out and see if it should be added to the site.

Along with the release of THAW, expect GlitchVault to be completely back up and running. Iman, RJ, and myself will be adding all the glitches we can find.

Until then, see you guys soon...
The GlitchVault Team

ULCG! and more - 3/31/05 by Biz
Hey. I've been really busy with school/work but today i actually had a chance to cap and post some glitches for ya. First up, remember the ULCG for THUG1? Well its back, slightly different but its all good. Go here to check it out.
Also I have a bunch of glitchs for all different levels that will let you walk under them (which is needed for the ULCG).

If there is a glitch you know but don't see it here and think its worthy enough, post in this topic to let us know about it: post it here!

Also, RJMagic updated with a few LA glitches and how to get upside down in Boston. Have fun!


New General Glitches + Glitched Jeers Bar ! - 2/28/05 by p5ych0
yay, finally figured out how the ULGCG glitch works in THUG2. More glitches coming soon, you can use new glitch to get inside Jeers Bar, there are some new general glitches also (like cheap ULG and some bugs)
Allready capped more glitches but I'll post them later
I'd like to say GJ to RJMagic for adding some interesting glitches into 'everywhere' section, biz for the CAP glitches and thanks to 50andahalfcent for pointing the ULGCG in our forums.

Cap Attack! - 2/22/05 by Biz
Hey. Added 7 new glitches to Glitch Vault today. I know most of you are like "Big deal". Well they are all Create-a-park ones. Lots of people have been requesting that some cap glitches get up, so I started working on some. This is just the start, expect more. Also, RJMagic just added a great little glitch. The Perfect Manual, check it out it is in Everywhere.

Little Update - 2/14/05 by Biz
Well got a small update for today. Not a whole lot, only 3. BUT, I did add a pretty cool glitch i found last night. It allows you to have an invisable board for a small amount of time in a combo. Should go check it out, very cool. Later.