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1. Inside bouncy area (5.00)
2. Rail Cannon (4.33)
3. Get Out By Planes (4.30)
4. Disappearing School (2.. (4.30)
5. Behind OB (4.29)
6. Perfect Manual (4.27)
7. ULGCG (Under Level Gri.. (4.25)
8. Glitchy Wall (4.25)
9. On A Sign Underground (4.22)
10. In Big Tv (4.21)
11. In Core Tunnel (4.20)
12. Rail Sheets (4.17)
13. Float Trick #2 (4.16)
14. Stacking Objects (4.15)
15. Shimmy Drop (4.14)
16. Get In Taxi (4.14)
17. In Toilets (4.13)
18. Ontop of The Mansion (4.13)
19. Go Outside at the Gate.. (4.11)
20. Making Objects Float (4.11)

Thps Online Glitch Terms
By: Onion
Last Updated: 11/04/03

Term Description
180 Usually used with Corner Glitches. You 180 into a wall to get through it. Other wise it is a trick rotation.
Auto/Quick Turn Press L1+R1+Down on the D-Pad to do a quick 180 spin to go in the other direction.
Bail When your skater crashes in the middle of a trick.
Bounce This is when you hit an area that has a bouncy wall on it. You will bounce off of it.
Bouncy Wall The walls usually found in most of the glitches. They are Invisible walls that make you bounce off of them when you skate into them.
CAP Short for Create-A-Park. A lot of glitches exist in them too.
Clan/Crew/Cult Clans are a big part of glitching. They are a group of skaters grouped up by a tag in their name. Many glitching clans exist and a lot are n00bs. There are some good ones though, i.e: -gc-
Corner Glitch (CG) This is a type of glitch used to get pass walls and into secret areas you were not supposed to be in. Most of the glitches use the Corner Glitch.
Cust Cust is short for Setting A Custom Restart. Restarts are very helpful to make checkpoints when you are glitching.
Dancing Dancing is a glitch found in Carnival. It is a type of Infinite Grind that looks like you are dancing.
DAO Degree-Add-On. This is used by tons of n00bs to get higher scores. It has no other purpose but for cheating.
Flip Trick This is a trick done with the Directional Pad paired up with the Square button.
Float This is when you get stuck somewhere in the level with your arms sticking out to your sides. Mostly in LFG's.
Fly Fly is a type of glitch when you bounce back and forth between 2 Bouncy Walls and jump to get off the ground, still bouncing back and forth.
Glitch A glitch is an error in the game people find and have fun with exploring.
Grab Trick This is a trick done with the Directional Pad paired up with the Circle button.
HP HP is short for Half Pipe. A HP is 2 QP's apart from each other.
Invisible Wall Walls that are completely invisible. They usually are Bouncy Walls, but some can be solid.
LFG Landable-Float-Glitch. These are usually when your floating on the ground or in a wall, able to spin your character to get out.
Lip Trick This is a trick done with the Directional Pad paired up with the Triangle Button as you hit the lip of a QP straight on.
Manual This is a trick done by pressing Up, Down on your controller. You will go into a manual with a balance meter.
MFG Manual-Float-Glitch. This is the glitch where you can perform a grab trick while floating on the ground.
Nooooooo! A term usually expressed when someone looses there Custom Restart or plain screws up in a glitch.
n00b Someone new to glitching and doesn't know jack shit. Don't get to nice with these kind, because there are hundreds of them.
OB Refers to Out-Of-Bounds. The areas that you hit and give you a bail and a OB message. I.E: Water, End of Roads, or Grass.
OB1 Out-Of-Bounds 1. The first form of OBing found. This allows you to get pass OB walls.
OB2 Out-Of-Bounds 2. The second form of OBing found. This allows you to get on OB floors.
OB3 Out-Of-Bounds 3. The third form of OBing found. This allows you to get pass OB walls that are on OB floors. No other OB exists after this. It is not possible for it to.
OGM! This is the typo version of OMG(Oh My God). This is heard a lot when people mess up bad when doing glitch.
QP Short for Quarter Pipe. This is a vert that is by itself or in a HP.
Revert This is referring to when you press R2 or L2 when you come down from airing off of a QP. It allows you to continue combos longer.
RLT Reverse-Lip-Trick. When you go up a QP and auto turn right before you do a Lip Trick. You will reverse the Lip Trick animation. This only works on some QP's.
SCG Set Custom Glitch. This refers to the Set Custom Gliches in the game. It is a method of fast paced custom restart setting to get into areas you can't without using this..
SCG2 This refers to Set Custom Glitch 2. It is like SCG, but instead of getting in things, you can use this to get very high in the level and get ontop of things online or offline.
SCG3 This is one way to call the version of Set Custom Glitch you can do offline. To get in walls or buildings. This is very easy to do.
Shuffle This is when you switch to another grind on a double sided ledge or rail. This requires practice to learn.
Special This is your Special Gauge's stuff. Get enough points and you will get a Full Special Bar and be allowed to jump, grind, and do other stuff better.
Spin When you press Left or Right on the D-Pad to spin your skater around. L1 and R1 work too.
Wallride This is a trick when your press triangle as you jump into a wall.
Wallride Bail To do this, do a flip trick right as you Wallride and it will cancel the wallride and you will bail.
w00t!!! This is a general term used to show you did a glitch that was hard to do.
Yay! Another term used to show happiness when you do a glitch.

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