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1. Inside bouncy area (5.00)
2. Rail Cannon (4.33)
3. Get Out By Planes (4.30)
4. Disappearing School (2.. (4.30)
5. Behind OB (4.29)
6. Perfect Manual (4.27)
7. ULGCG (Under Level Gri.. (4.25)
8. Glitchy Wall (4.25)
9. On A Sign Underground (4.22)
10. In Big Tv (4.21)
11. In Core Tunnel (4.20)
12. Rail Sheets (4.17)
13. Float Trick #2 (4.16)
14. Stacking Objects (4.15)
15. Shimmy Drop (4.14)
16. Get In Taxi (4.14)
17. In Toilets (4.13)
18. Ontop of The Mansion (4.13)
19. Go Outside at the Gate.. (4.11)
20. Making Objects Float (4.11)

Glitch Vault Bios

bens0nn sporting a festive Turtle Neck..

bens0nn draining the Lizard w/ another man!

Name: bens0nn



Website Dev, Art, Politics, Drum & Bass, The Female Population

Favorite THPS Game:

Favorite THPS Level:

Favorite Glitch:
Humping The Air

How long Glitching: Since THPS3PC

Responsible For On Glitch Vault:
Most THPS3 Caps, a couple of found THPS3PC Glitches,
Coding the whole site and hosting it.

Favorite Music:
Drum n Bass/Jungle

Favorite Movie:
Hitlers Children

Favorite Food:

What you plan on doing for Glitch Vault in the future:
Coding it more.

How long have you been playing THPS games:
Played THPS since 1, got online and in to the interweb community w/ 3ps2.

"Quit Slacking"

Most Spontaneous Thing Ever Done:
Party/Rave tour from Georgetown, WDC to Baltimore, MD, to PA, back to Baltimore, then back home with no plans to do it and no way to get anywhere, just hitching rides


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