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1. Inside bouncy area (5.00)
2. Rail Cannon (4.33)
3. Get Out By Planes (4.30)
4. Disappearing School (2.. (4.30)
5. Behind OB (4.29)
6. Perfect Manual (4.27)
7. ULGCG (Under Level Gri.. (4.25)
8. Glitchy Wall (4.25)
9. On A Sign Underground (4.22)
10. In Big Tv (4.21)
11. In Core Tunnel (4.20)
12. Rail Sheets (4.17)
13. Float Trick #2 (4.16)
14. Stacking Objects (4.15)
15. Shimmy Drop (4.14)
16. Get In Taxi (4.14)
17. In Toilets (4.13)
18. Ontop of The Mansion (4.13)
19. Go Outside at the Gate.. (4.11)
20. Making Objects Float (4.11)

Glitch Vault Bios

Onion in person! B/W Rocks Yo!

Onion's THUG Skater!
(Kill Bill Yo!)

Name: John

Age: 16

Location: Illinois

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Movies, Games, Hanging with friends, Stealing Free stuff, Internet, etc.

Favorite THPS Game: THPS4

Favorite THPS Level: Philly - THPS2 -or- Zoo - THPS4

Favorite Glitch: Inside The Aquarium Online

How long Glitching: Since THPS1, mostly on THPS4.

Responsible For On Glitch Vault: Evolving it from a THPS3 glitch section to a Big site with Ben, Info Section, Most of the THPS4 Stuff, Some THPS3 and THUG stuff too.

Favorite Music: RATM, 70's Rock, Gorillaz, Audioslave.

Favorite Movie: Kill Bill: Volume 1 (at the moment)

Favorite Food: Breaded Pork

What you plan on doing for Glitch Vault in the future: Doing a crapload of THUG2 stuff, keeping this site here by slapping bens0nn around. :). Umm, more info section, some other good stuff.

How long have you been playing THPS games: Since THPS1, I've got every game cept for THPS4 on the release date.

Quote: "That's Reaaalll Random!"

Most Spontaneous Thing Ever Done: Hanging out in Wal-Mart and I busted out my Harmonica and started playing it very loudly in the Cash Register place. Everyone was looking at me and laughing. Felt good though. Fuck the old ppl!


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