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1. Inside bouncy area (5.00)
2. Rail Cannon (4.33)
3. Get Out By Planes (4.30)
4. Disappearing School (2.. (4.30)
5. Behind OB (4.29)
6. Perfect Manual (4.27)
7. ULGCG (Under Level Gri.. (4.25)
8. Glitchy Wall (4.25)
9. On A Sign Underground (4.22)
10. In Big Tv (4.21)
11. In Core Tunnel (4.20)
12. Rail Sheets (4.17)
13. Float Trick #2 (4.16)
14. Stacking Objects (4.15)
15. Shimmy Drop (4.14)
16. Get In Taxi (4.14)
17. In Toilets (4.13)
18. Ontop of The Mansion (4.13)
19. Go Outside at the Gate.. (4.11)
20. Making Objects Float (4.11)

Glitch Vault

Bizkit sportin a Denied T-Shirt!!!

Bizkit's leet cas in THUG2

Name: Biz



Video games, computers, skateboard, and snowboarding.

Favorite THPS Game:

Favorite THPS Level:

Favorite Glitch:
Manhatten - Getting on BIG skyscraper

How long Glitching: 2 years.

Responsible For On Glitch Vault:
Adding cool glitches that aren't on the site and new ones.

Favorite Music:
Just about anything besides country.

Favorite Movie:
The Matrix

Favorite Food:
Domino's Pineapple Pizza

What you plan on doing for Glitch Vault in the future:
Adding glitches that aren't on the site.

How long have you been playing THPS games:
Ever since the start.


Most Spontaneous Thing Ever Done:
Took off the easter bunny's head when i was 4. My cousin told me to do it.


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