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THPS4 Glitch List > Created Parks > Stacking Objects

Here is how you stack objects. It is a variation of the Floating Objects glitch. Once again I put them all in bullets and coordinating pics with the Steps. I'm using pic nic tables in this description too.

  • Step 1: Place a High Med Deck down.
  • Step 2: Keep it on High Med Deck and turn it around 180 degrees. Then put it's deck over the first High Med's Deck. Raise the ground all the way to the max and place the second High Med Deck on the newly formed platform. It should look like Pic #2.
  • Step 3: Now move your cursor down to the first High Med Deck on the bottom. Delete it and your second High Med Deck should still be there. Now your second High Med Deck should be partially suspended in the air. It should look like Pic #3.
  • Step 4: Now repeat steps 1-3 all over again, just in the opposite direction, so it looks like Pic #4.
  • Step 5: Now set a pic nic table under the 2x2 space that is under the High Med Deck's overhang.
  • Step 6: Highlight the pic nic table and lower it all the way into the ground. To the max.
  • Step 7: Switch theme. Your tower should be all filled in now.
  • Step 8: Go to Pic nic table again and move your cursor to the top of the tower. Now put in on the deck's of the High Med Decks.
  • Step 9: Now press R1 to lower your pic nic table all the way into the ground, and to the bottom max. Then place your next pic nic table. Your High Med Decks should still be there.
  • Step 10: Then repeat steps  7-9 again until you have the amount of tables stacked you want stacked.
  • Step 11: When your done doing that, Switch Theme one more time and lower one more pic nic table to the underground's max level and place it.
  • Step 12: Now delete the 2 High Med Decks, and lower the excess high ground around it. There should just be one big hold in the ground now.
  • Switch Themes and raise the hole up to regular level, and you should have a perfect stack of tables.

Once you get good at this, try using more High Med Deck's to stack busses and stuff like that.

Added: 5/28/03

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