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18. Ontop of The Mansion (4.13)
19. Go Outside at the Gate.. (4.11)
20. Making Objects Float (4.11)

THUG2 Glitch List > Everywhere > ULGCG (Under Level Grind Cust Glitch)

That's a fast way to move while in float offline only
What you have to do is:
1.Get into float
2.Aim yourself while in skate mode to like 4o'clock
3.While 4o'clock quickly switch to walk mode and press esc (you should now be between 4 and 3o'clock
4.Set custom in this position and quickly press esc again to get into menu
5.Now you have to start and end high score run very fast.(between pressing start and end check which side you're facing where you want to move (simply like in GCG))
6.When you'll be respawned into the streets again (or into start point) perform a GCG (BGSCG)
7.If done right you'll move few feets futher into the bouncy area.

I'll try to make video of this soon because it's propably hard to understand..
50andahalfcent mentioned that glitch in our forums. GJ man

Added: 2/28/05

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